With Endosphères® to your dream body

With Endosphères®, sagging skin is a thing of the past. Treat yourself and your body to the innovation from Italy that has been delighting customers all over the world for over 10 years. The gentle treatment helps you to achieve visible results in a short time and to feel better about your body. An activating effect for your path to your dream figure.

During the treatment, the needle head attaches itself to the area of skin to be treated. This allows the needles to penetrate the skin evenly.

The treatment is more effective and more comfortable

During MMR, the heat is released into the epidermis at the preset intensity and length, thus

The heat-induced contraction of the skin tissue also has the advantage that there is less redness after the treatment and therefore minimal downtime.

Versatility for your needs

What makes Endosphères® special is its many possible applications. Whether you suffer from tension, have specific problem areas or want to do something about your cellulite: Endosphères® is the right choice for all these issues thanks to its unique technology. What's more, you can use Endosphères® not only for your body, but also for your face.

Here are your benefits at a glance:

- Reduce cellulite
- Body shaping and firming
- Lymphatic drainage
- Improved microcirculation
- Pain relief for muscle pain
- Accelerated muscle regeneration after exercise
- Lighter body feeling

How Endosphères® works

Inside Endosphères® there are 55 small silicone beads that rotate and generate vibrations. These vibrations are transferred to your skin with targeted movements, loosening up your tissue. This has several positive effects for you. The loosening improves the blood and oxygen supply to the treated areas. This gives your body the space it needs to remove deposits naturally.

Endosphères® is an effective method against cellulite that uses mechanical pressure waves to break up fat deposits and shape the body. The treatment also supports lymphatic drainage, treats water retention and provides anti-ageing benefits for the face. In addition, it relaxes muscles, improves microcirculation and enables rapid recovery. The patented therapy has been confirmed clinically and by universities.

Our specialists will be happy to treat you based on your individual needs and will be happy to advise you if you have any questions.