Our Massages at L'Atelier de Beauté

Welcome to L'Atelier de Beauté, where we offer a wide range of massages to help you relax your body and mind. From the classic Swedish massage to deep tissue massage, we offer a variety of techniques to loosen your muscles, release tension, and relieve pain. We use high-quality oils and lotions to ensure that you feel relaxed and refreshed during the treatment. Our experienced therapists tailor each massage to your individual needs, ensuring that you feel rejuvenated after the treatment.

Come and indulge in our professional therapists' expertise. We look forward to providing you with an unforgettable massage experience at L'Atelier de Beauté.

Sport Aroma Energizer

Uplift, Energize, Release Tension

Using an uplifting body oil rich in ginger, the most revered root in Ayurveda, and vitamin E, the therapist performs massage steps which focus on knuckle and thumb pressure to loosen tight and tense muscles. This toning massage is truly one of our most energizing treatments. 

Pure Rejuvenation

Specially designed to combine long, rhythmic strokes with a delightful cranberry/olive massage oil, this treatment boosts skin regeneration and promotes deep relaxation. Enhanced by strong performers Omega 3 and 6, as well as vitamins A & E, the oil further complements the feel-good benefits of the massage. This lavish treatment is ideal for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Protect, Regenerate, Smoothen

Vital Detox

Detoxify, Stimulate, Refresh

Ready yourself for the ultimate massage to renew, refresh and detoxify. Performed with a lemongrass and peppermint massage oil, the therapist uses lymphatic techniques to release toxins, stimulate circulation and leave the body feeling light and refreshed.

Relax & Renew

Let your mind be whisked off to somewhere wonderful with this relaxing treatment devised to completely unwind the entire body. Soft kneading techniques gently ease out tension while a soothing oil infused with lavender and mandarin will put you into an almost dream-like state.

De-stress, Unwind, Restore

Anti-Stress Back Remedy

Release Tension, Restore, Relax

Shut the door on the world outside with this miracle treatment created to alleviate tension in the back, neck and shoulders. After a self-heating, effervescing mud mask releases muscle stiffness and stress, you’ll further slip into a world of bliss with a massage. Both energizing and relaxing, this stress-boosting treatment leaves the whole body with a complete sense of well-being.

Miracle Lifting & Modelling Massage

Devised to deliver an immediate and dramatic lipo-sculpting effect, there is no better way to start your summer than with our lifting & modelling full-body massage. The treatment’s manual drainage technique, a combination of firm pressure and fast rhythmic and pumping movements, delivers quick, head-turning results. After just one treatment, you’ll leave our spa with smoothe, even skin and a more sculpted body.

Sculpt, Tone, Lighten

Stress Relief Back Massage

Release Tension, Unwind, Recover

This soothing massage was custom - designed to reduce tension from your body. Targeting specific muscles, your therapist will apply pressure, concentrating on your back, shoulders, neck & scalp reducing built up stress from your everyday life.