In addition to the intensive deep cleansing provided by the 3-phase Aqua Peeling, you will also treat a wide variety of skin types with radio frequency, ion lifting and ultrasound.

Radiofrequency generates waves that heat the tissue in the subcutis and serve to activate the collagen fibers so that they contract again. There is an immediate effect. The skin looks firmer, smoother and younger. Radiofrequency treatment shows very good results in wrinkle treatment and skin tightening. Fine wrinkles, but also deeper wrinkle formations, especially around the eye area, lips, neck or décolleté, can be treated well. Strong heat opens pores, stimulates blood circulation and accelerates metabolism.



Ion lifting, or iontophoresis, is used to stimulate skin tissue and improve skin elasticity, as well as to deeply infuse active ingredients with a subsequent depot effect. You can infiltrate serums and ampoules as well as work with it on cellulose masks.

The targeted current has a stimulating effect on the self-healing process. It harmonizes the organism, normalizes the function of the nervous system, reduces congestion in the flow of energy and sustainably dilates the vessels. Due to the current flow, plus- and minus-charged proteins as well as toxins and waste products each migrate to the opposite pole and are directed to the elimination process. This process leads to the conclusion that the slow breakdown of deposits in the vessels also takes place in this way.

The ultrasound acts like a micro-massage. Microcirculation is stimulated and cellular activity is increased, as well as the purification process is supported. The firming of the connective tissue is set in motion. After 40 minutes, the soothing treatment with the ProFacial is complete.

Of course, you can additionally work with masks and relaxing massages to create an individual pampering program for your clients.

The ProFacial is a device of our own manufacture and ideal for established professionals who want a device with some of the most effective treatments on the market, while offering more power. The new advanced interface, stronger vacuum and more precise fluid delivery make the ProFacial a true engineering marvel for fabulous results.

We advise not to use apparative cosmetics on pregnant clients.

ProFacial is used for:

Enlarged pores, acne, blemished skin, blackheads, comedones, pustules.hyperpigmentation, pigment spotsHyperkeratosisScarsskin diseases: RosaceawrinklesRednessTired, pale, sallow, stressed skinDehydrated skin