Unforgettable Experiences: Discover Our Signature Rituals

Discover our exclusive Signature Rituals, specifically tailored to your individual needs. Each treatment is a unique combination of different massage techniques, skin rejuvenating treatments, and relaxing aromatherapies. Let our experienced team pamper you and indulge in an unforgettable experience that will nourish your body, mind, and soul.

Gold Elixir Deluxe Face & Body

Release Tension / Enhance / Rejuvenate

Treatment sequence

  1. Back Massage with Hot Gold Stones
  2. Cleanse & Exfoliation using Personalized Products
  3. Firming Lifting Facial Massage with Hot Gold Stones
  4. Ultimate Gold Radiance Peel-Off Mask
  5. Hand/Foot or Scalp Massage
  6. Application of 24k Gold Elixir
The treatment starts with a deeply relaxing back massage using warm globes filled with golden liquid. A gold firming facial is followed by a radically-effective lifting massage. Then, feet and hands (or scalp) are gently massaged while a peel-off mask brightens and smoothens your face. The application of a serum with 24 karat gold adds a sumptuous finishing touch.

From Paris to Zurich

This ‘just-let-go-and-drift-off-to-sleep’ treatment is devised to give you head-to-toe relaxation. It starts with an ultra-soothing scrub and back massage and is followed by a made-to-measure facial. A deeply cosseting leg and foot massage will ease the stresses of your busy urban life and make your limbs go all tingly. This treatment, quite literally, covers all the (body’s) bases.

Relax, Regenerate, Soften

Treatment sequence

  1. Back Scrub & Massage
  2. Made to Measure Facial
  3. Foot, Hand & Scalp Massage

Heavenly Anti-Stress Face and Body Experience

Release tension, Nourish, Revitalize

Treatment sequence

  1. Anti-Stress Back Remedy
  2. -Cryo Time Freeze Facial
Those looking to de-stress need look no further than this aaah-inducing treatment. Expect a relaxing back therapy to melt away stored tension while tired feet and legs are massaged and made to tingle. Combined with a relaxing cryotherapy facial, the treatment will result in a body and mind renewal and you feeling so relaxed it’s as if you’re walking out of the spa horizontally.